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At SR Industries, we are capable of designing, prototyping and production sewing.  You come to us with your idea or design, and together we will review the design concept to ensure quality and precision. 

With a wide variety of fabric options and services, we can help provide input to help you achieve a material with the longest lifespan, durability and dependability, to meet the needs of your product. Our vast experience and broad knowledge working with such a variety of materials and fabric selections such as PVCnon-woven, and woven allows us to precisely turn your plans into finished products, quickly putting them on the market. 

Call us today to discuss how quickly we can turn your sewing design into production.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric has an advantage over most other fabrics because it offers a more dense, heavier and more robust option.  Its appearance and rigidity can vary greatly depending on the weights of the fabrics. This allows the fabric to come in different weights, colors as well as finishes. The slick surface makes it durable and very washable. 

At SR Industries, we are able to complement the fabric to the exact detail of the design, carefully selecting fabrics needed to withstand the projects specified environment. PVC is also heat and fire resistant, making the fabric appropriate for applications in which heat is a concern. The same properties that make PVC fabric durable also make it resist natural degradation, giving it a longer lifespan than biodegradable materials. 

Contact us today to review the applications that will bring your production sewing design to life.


Interlocking or bonding fabrics together creates non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric is created by entangling fibers or filaments together through a high-speed needle punch production, mechanical, thermal, or chemical process. The fabrics are very resistant and durable, absorbent and repellent, and can be used for sterility as a bacterial barrier.  

Non-woven fabrics offer an eco-friendly opportunity and can be used for applications in health and hygiene, medical sectors, packaging and agricultural industries. Being an extremely versatile fabric they are soft, pill resistant and wash durable. 

Contact us today to determine your specific non-woven fabric options. 


At SR Industries, we use woven fabrics that are generally more flexible and durable for producing quality, reinforced technical applications. The construction of woven fabrics posses’ different properties, which are achieved to satisfy project demands for specific end-use. 

Woven fabrics are made by using two or more sets of yarn interlaced to right angles in two principle directions- warp and weft (fill), in which yarns and a majority of fibers are oriented. Woven fabrics that have a higher fiber density and thread count generally keep their shape well, while lower thread counts are less durable allowing them to flex and stretch. 

When choosing a woven fabric, our knowledge and vast experience are influential to ensure quality and durability in the application’s life span. Contact us today to implement the right woven fabrics to meet your sewing production specifications.

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